DIY Paper Mache Pinata


Start by finding cardboard that will work for the shape of the pinata you would like to make. For this pinata we have several boxes of Chivas and I taped them together, and cut out two large circles.  Then I cut strips from a puff pastry box for support. I then used the flaps from both sides of a cardboard box for the outer circle.


Next you need to tape all of the cardboard together. I used packing tape which worked really well and gave support. The packing tape will also make the pinata last longer for hitting purposes.


This is the circle pinata after it has all been taped together.


We are now ready to paper mache. Make a glue mixture using 3/4 white glue and 1/4 water then cut strips of newspaper.


Dip each newspaper strip in the glue mixture and cover the entire pinata, let dry.


Once dry, we then covered the pinata with cut tissue paper. We glues each piece on separately, but you can use your imagination here and attach tissue paper any way you would like. Covering the entire pinata, so you cannot see any newspaper through.


We printed out eyes and lips and attached using glue. Now this pinata is ready for some fun!

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