Pin the BOO on the Ghost

This is a really fun game for kids of ALL ages! A great activity for any Halloween themed party or event.

What you will need:

Large piece of paper ( I used brown craft paper from a roll)
White craft paint (unless you have white paper already)
Black craft paint
Paint brushes
Thumb Tacks or Double Sided Tape


Start by drawing the shape of a ghost on your paper. Cut the ghost out. Paint the ghost using white craft paint. Use the black craft paint for the mouth and eyes.


Next, draw the shape of the Boo word clouds and cut them out. Use the black craft paint to paint the background and use the white craft paint to paint on the lettering.


I used thumb tacks to adhere the ghost to the outside wall of my house, but you could use tape, or a stapler, or whatever will work for your space.

Write each kids name on the back of each Boo and use double sided tape or thumbtacks for playing the game.

To Play

We used a blindfold and spun each kid around twice, and off they go to pin the boo on the ghost! Closest to the mouth wins…… you decide!

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