Fire Donuts

What you will need:

1 bottle of vegetable oil
Medium sized tin can
Refrigerated biscuit dough

1 small bowl with lid


To begin start a fire. Then place a tin can filled with vegetable oil 3/4 to the top over the fire.  IMG_4994

We waited until there was a nice fire going under the can and when we thought it was to temperature (about 15 minutes) we then placed a piece of refrigerated biscuit dough in the shape of a donut into the oil. Right away the dough should sizzle and float. When the bottom turns light brown, flip the dough over in the oil and let sizzle for another minute.


Once the dough is cooked through, take it out of the oil and place in a bowl of sugar.


Cover the sugar and shake the donut until covered.


Shake shake shake.


Eat. Enjoy. Repeat.

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