Redbox Movie Rentals

Movie rentals at the frugalist, Redbox.  At Redbox you can rent a movie for only $1 plus tax for 24 hours.  This is a great option for times when you only want to rent new movies, on occasion.  Lucky for all of us here on Cape Cod there are Redbox machines all over the Cape, making it even easier to rent and return a movie.  Because you can rent a movie from 1 Redbox and return the movie to ANY Redbox, you can even travel with your movies.  If you are planning a trip with the kids to Maine, Florida or even California.  You can take the movie with you and return it to a Redbox at your destination.

As a family, we enjoy using the Redbox and we have found it to be very easy to use, inexpensive enough to keep using, and the movie selection is always good.

Here is a link to the Redbox website where you can type in your zip code, find the nearest Redbox, and even pre-rent your movie online and then pick it up later.

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