Why Choose Netflix

Movie time! If you are like our family, watching a new movie can be the highlight of a cloudy Sunday afternoon at home with the kids.  And what easier way to find a great movie than to look on Netflix.  Not only is Netflix easy to access from your tablet, PC, mobile device, Xbox, Wii and TV, it only costs a mere $7.99 per month.  Who cannot afford that!?  For only pennies a day you can choose from thousands of TV Shows and Movies, anytime, anywhere.

With a very easy to navigate interface and categories for every type of movie you can think of, you are sure to find a good movie for you or the whole family.  Our 4 year old daughter even knows how to scroll the movie titles and play, pause and stop.. all on our iPad.  She can even watch movies on the iPad when we are driving in the car, because we have a 3G plan.

My husband and I like to find interesting and fun movies right through our TV, and we use online websites such as rottentomatoes.com and instantwatcher.com to find out what the most popular titles are that day and for that week.  We have been lucky to find some really neat movies that we would have not even considered had we not seen great reviews on the above mentioned websites.

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