Valpak – Coupons Worth Taking a Look At

Valpak shows up in my mailbox every few weeks, and for a while I was just throwing it in the recycling bin, but then a client told me they were going to have an Ad in it, and it made me wonder what other local Ads would be in there.  I now open the Valpak every time I get it and I breeze through the Ad’s, some I will never use, but on occasion there is an Ad that is of use to me.  I have used restaurant Valpak Ad’s and oil change Valpak Ads to save money on my next visit.  I also noticed that you ca go to and find your local region and search through the coupon deals right online, and print the coupons right on your own printer as well.  No need to wait for the Valpak to show up in my mailbox.

Just now I went online, put in my zip code here in Eastham, and viewed local restaurant coupons, and I found some great coupons for places I have eaten at before and would go to again. I also found a great coupon for BSG Sand &Gravel Inc, located right here in Eastham, a local business I buy from all the time.

Next time you see the Valpak in your mailbox, check it out, you may save a few bucks on your next purchase at a local business.

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