Use Those Library Passes

Here on Cape Cod every town library is given passes to a bunch of local educational businesses, that can save your family money on admission.  Many times, admission is even FREE!  Just the other day I decided to take the kids to Plimouth Plantation, so they could learn about why we celebrate Thanksgiving.  I called my local library here in Eastham, and reserved the Wednesday pass for the plantation.  What is saved me: Regular cost for 1 child is $15, cost with library pass, only $8!  Regular price for 1 adult is $25, cost with library pass, only $12!  A big savings and well worth the stop at the library!

I have also used passes for Zooquarium.  The pass gets your whole family in for FREE!

Stop by your Cape Cod library and find out what passes they offer their members, you may find that you could use them more often than you thought.

The Eastham Library has a page dedicated to Library Passes, and you can view all that they have to offer, check it out here:

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