Dollar Saver – Real Savings!

You know that newspaper that shows up in your mailbox on Thursday of each week, the one you most likely barely look at and then throw in the recycle bin.  Well, it just so happens there are some really great coupons in there.  Especially if you like to shop at Ocean State Job lot, Stop n Shop, Shaws and Benny’s. Many of these businesses have flyers in the newspaper for special deals going on that week, and I have many times clipped coupons for Stop n Shop that were for $5-$10 off my $100 grocery order.  Who doesn’t spend at least $100 on grocery’s…

Juts the other day I clipped out a .40 Cent off gas coupon for Stop n Shop.  What this means is, I spend at least $100 at Stop n Shop, which I do all the time, and I have the cashier scan my .40 cent off coupon, and now I can go to my local Shell gas station and get .40 cents off every gallon of gas for that visit!  This can save me about $6 on average to fill my tank, I can now use that money to buy something more exciting, like a shirt, or socks, or a book or magazine!

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