Share That Meal

Going out to eat does not have to be expensive.  Especially when restaurants are serving such large portions, think about sharing next time you eat out.  There have been many times where my family of 2 adults and 2 kids will go out for lunch and share a sandwich, soup and side item and we all leave full and happy.  You do not need to have your own meal every time you go out, plus it is nice to try different dishes, and sharing is a great way to do this.

Another great time to share is when you go out with friends, order several different appetizers, and dishes and share them all.  This way you get a little bit of everything, and you can talk about what you like best…and it will save you money!

Many times when my husband and I go out for dinner together, we each order a different dish and share with each other, we enjoy trying different food items each time and we both leave full every time.

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