Magazine Swap

If you like to read magazines and so do all of your friends, why not have a magazine swap?  You could save hundreds of dollars just by swapping the magazines you have already read with your friends and family.  My sister in law gets some great magazines, and when she is done reading them she gives them to me to read.  When I am done with them I take them to my local library where they have a bin for magazines and then anyone can take them home.

Some magazines that have themes such as: shopping, cooking, cars, decorating and travel can be read at anytime, they do not have information that needs to read at that moment.  These magazines are the best for swapping and or storing and then re-reading a couple years later.  I have some great decorating magazines that I have re-read after a year or so of storage and they still had very useful and interesting information, sometimes I forget that I have already read them and that they are over 1 year old.

So, get together with your friends and family, find out what magazines you are all getting and swap them out, be frugal and save some money and some trees.

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