Secret Santa

Many families and business’s choose to give gifts for the holidays using what is called “Secret Santa”.  Secret Santa is when everyone in a group or family puts their names in a hat and each person draws a name, that name is who you will be buying a gift for.  When you give gifts using the Secret Santa method you buy a gift for only 1 person in a group, instead of buying for several people and everyone gets a gift. This can be a good option during hard economic times as you do not need to buy several gifts, and instead you focus on one person and buy 1 really good gift.

I have been a part of a Secret Santa a few times in the past years with family and it has worked out very nicely.  It was fun to shop for one person and for one person to shop for you.  You get to focus on what that one person likes, wants and maybe even needs.  I would definitely do it again and I would recommend this gift giving method to anyone that likes to try something new and different.

Secret Santa is great for large families, business’s and friends.

I have found some neat websites online that can help you set up a Secret Santa.  These websites are FREE to use and can be a time savor and a great way to buy the best gift.  Many of the websites listed below will let you make a wish list so your Secret Santa can get some ideas of what you like.

For more info about exactly what a Secret Santa is, check out this Wikidepia article.

Draw Names dot com. You can organize a Secret Santa in just minutes.  There are no logins, no passwords, you can make a wish list and its FREE. You can plan a Secret Santa gift exchange, Easily build and share wish lists and shop at retailers right online all in one place. Setup a gift exchange, a yankee swap or a white elephant exchange.  It is FREE and Fun too.

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