Frugal Mopping

Mopping is one of those chores that is boring, yet relaxing and is necessary to keep your floors sparkling clean.  I try to mop as least as possible and I do this by making sure that everyone in my family takes their shoes off at the door.  Doing this keeps the floors much cleaner for much longer and therefore, less mopping. YAY!  But, then the day comes and I get out my handy Clorox ready mop and within less than 10 minutes I have a sparkling clean floor again.

If you do not own a Clorox ready mop or a Swiffer ready mop you are missing out!  This is one of the best inventions and it makes your mopping so much easier, faster and cleaner.  Now, I am partial to the Clorox ready mop for several reasons, however both mops will do a great job I am sure.  I bought my Clorox ready mop at Stop and Shop a few years back and it is still working like the day I bought it.

When you get a Clorox ready mop it comes with a few cleaning pads and 1 bottle of cleaner.  Believe it or not that 1 bottle of cleaner and those few cleaning pads can last you a long time, and here is why.  When you are done cleaning your floor, just flip your cleaning pad over and use the other side.  It will be perfectly clean and ready for a new cleaning.  And, when your cleaning solution is all gone, just refill the bottle with your own.  There is no need to buy more cleaning solution bottles and waste more plastic and money.

If you have hardwood floors just add a few drops of Murphy’s Wood Cleaner, Pledge Wood Cleaner or good old Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap and fill the bottle to the top with water.  As for those cleaning pads, you can buy the knock off version for a few buck less and they work fantastic.  Or you can buy some cloth reusable cleaning pads that you throw in the washer between uses.  Either way, you will save some money!

If you register at the Clorox website, they will send you special offers via email, including a $5 coupon for your ready mop purchase.

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