That sinking feeling…

Do you keep eggs in the fridge longer than you should?  Eggs seem to be one of those items that lurk in the fridge for weeks and weeks, at least at my house.  I get into moods where I eat a lot of eggs and then I forget about them for awhile.

Recently I was reading a magazine, most likely Martha Stewart, and there was a neat article about eggs.  I read that you can tell whether a egg is good or bad by whether it sinks or floats.  I had never heard of this before, but after more research online I have found that a bad egg will float because there are gases that form inside of the egg as it gets older and the gas makes the bad egg float.  A good egg will sink, it does not have enough gas to keep it afloat, and therefor it is good to eat.

So next time you pull out your eggs and wonder if they are good or not, just place them in a bowl of water and see if they sink or float.

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