Pancake Balls….MMM…MMMM…Good!

Last Christmas my mother in law gave my husband and I a cooking pan that makes what I call “pancake balls”.  I think the real name of this tasty treat is “Ebelskiver ” danish pancakes, either way they are mighty tasty!  I like to make pancake balls on the weekends and my kids love them too!

The great thing about pancake balls are that you get to pick what filling you want to put into the middle each time you cook them.  Each pancake ball is made with pancake batter and you fill the inside with the filling of your choice ( jelly, berries, chocolate, cheese and more).

What you will need is the pancake ball pan, which my mother in law purchased at Williams Sonoma.  You can buy the pan through their website or at the Williams Sonoma shop in Mashpee Commons.  Then, you will need to purchase pancake mix and your fillings.  The balls are very easy to make and only takes a few minutes per batch.  My daughter Stella likes to help me make the pancake balls every time.  In the slideshow below are photos of us making and eating some pancake balls.  There is also a great video on the Williams Sonoma website that shows neat recipes.

What you will need to do:

1) Buy the Ebelskiver Filled Pancake Pan (Williams Sonoma)

2) Buy pancake mix and ingredients (eggs, milk..)

3) Buy fillings (jelly, strawberries, blueberries, cheese, chocolate chips, etc.)

4) Mix your pancake batter and set aside.

5) Heat your pancake ball pan and place a tsp. of butter in each pancake ball hole.

6) When the butter melts add pancake batter 2/3 full

7) Place your fillings on the middle of each pancake ball

8) Flip ball over once bottom is cooked

9) Cook till done

10) Sprinkle with sugar and top with whipped cream and maple syrup

11) EAT and ENJOY!

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