I got my Luvs diapers coupons!

Luvs Coupons Luvs Coupons

I signed up online for FREE Luvs diaper coupons and I got mine in the mail just the other day.  All it took was a couple minutes to fill out the Luvs network online form and they sent me some great coupons.  I got two coupons, each for $2.50 off any size package of Luvs diapers from any store.

Luvs Baby Builder. What would YOU look like as a Luvs Baby? Baby Yourself.

You can sign up online to get your coupons right here.  When you sign up for the Luvs network you also will receive the Luvs  e newsletter full of tips and product info as well as more coupons and discounts for Luvs products.

On the Luvs website you will also find sweepstakes where you can win gift cards as well as help forums for moms.

I have been using Luvs diapers with my kids for years now and they really are leak proof and they really are less expensive that Pampers and other name brand diapers.  You can save money without sacrificing quality with Luvs!  Sign up today and get your coupons.

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