Bambino Pizza from Trader Joe’s

I have been shopping at Trader Joe’s whenever I get the chance to get up to Hyannis and I love it!  If you like to eat food that is healthier and still affordable this is the place to shop.  When I was shopping with my daughter a week ago at Trader Joe’s I came across some new and exciting foods that I had not seen before in this store.  One of them was the Bambino individual sized frozen pizzas. 

The Bambino pizzas come in a pack of 4 and they cost only a few bucks.  They looked tasty in the packaging and when I cooked them they were indeed very good.  And to my surprise these little pizzas even had enough cheese and pepperoni that I did not have to add my own before cooking.  I cooked the pizza in the toaster oven on bake mode and it took about 12 minutes and viola, a very tasty and inexpensive lunch.  I also read the ingredients list when I purchased these pizzas and did not notice anything artificial or unhealthy such as high fructose corn syrup or artificial dyes.

Overall these little pizzas are the perfect size for a lunch or a small dinner, they are affordable and very tasty!  Get your own today at Trader Joe’s in Hyannis in the Christmas Tree Shops plaza.

Also, visit the Trader Joe’s website for more information and for product faqs, recipes, product lists and more.  Here is a link to the latest Trader Joe’s flyer for the Hyannis store.

FYI:  Trader Joe’s is very kid friendly!  Last time I was there they had new shopping carts for kids!  The cart is a much smaller version of the regular sized one and it has a flag that says “customer in training”. My daughter Stella used one and helped me shop and she loved it.  I need to get a picture of her using one, it is soo cute!  They also give out balloons to each kid while you shop and they have a game your kids can play where you find a certain item in the store and  win a prize.

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