Keep your Dresser Drawers and Closets Smelling Fresh

Make your dresser drawers smell scent-sasional!  Keep you drawers fresh and clean smelling all year long by doing these inexpensive and easy tricks.

Place a small fragrant soap in your dresser drawer and smell the refreshing scent each time you open it.

Place cut pieces of Cedar in your closet or dresser for a cedar scent.

Place some drops of perfume on a cotton ball and place in your dresser drawer.

Place a dryer sheet on the bottom of your drawer for a fresh linen scent.

Take home the sample perfumes from magazines and place in your dresser drawers.

Fill sachets with potpourri and place in your drawers.

To get rid of odors in your drawers try these tips:

Place a piece if chalk in your drawer to get rid of bad odors.

Place a small pouch of baking soda or Borax in your drawer.

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