Vacationing on a Budget

If you are trying to plan a family vacation but you have a strict budget to adhere to, which may not be as much money as you would like it to be, you CAN make it work.  I have some great tips to help you plan a family vacation without breaking the bank and having fun too! 

Start by deciding when you can go on vacation, if you can go anytime, this will make your planning much easier.  Some states have different “shoulder seasons” that are the best for cheap travel, below are some examples:


Best times to visit New York City, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. The weather is cold enough to keep tourists to a minimum, which means you have some of the best museums in the world all to yourself, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and The Smithsonian in DC. In the City by the Bay, take a cruise to visit the National Park at Alcatraz.


The Netherlands, Ireland, and Dallas-Ft. Worth. Bicyling around Holland in winter will keep you warm, as will a pint of you-know-what anywhere in Ireland.


Italy, Spain, Los Angeles – Perfect weather for searching out the perfect olive oil and hiking the mountains of the first two, and searching for movie stars in Hollywood.


Asheville North Carolina — The azaleas are in full bloom in the extensive gardens at The Biltmore Estate, the largest and most opulent mansion in the USA.


Hawaii, Portland, Oregon and Vancouver – Flowers in bloom everywhere, ideal weather for hiking or biking excursions, sailing and parasailing.


Park City, Utah; Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona and Albuquerque, New Mexico – Take the chairlift to the top of the mountain in Park City or the Sandia Tram in Albuquerque to inhale the view and bike or hike down. In Phoenix, you’ll have to walk to Camelback Mountain. In Scottsdale, the city’s first and only winery, Su Vino Winery in the Main Street Arts District, has a program to let you blend and barrel your own wine.

You can still go on vacation and have a great time and save money by traveling during the shoulder seasons.  This is the time before and or after a holiday week or peak season.  Also try to book your flights to leave and return on a weekday, this will drastically reduce the amount of money for airfair.  I always try to book my vacation on a weekday to save some extra money.  I also use a travel agent to find my flights believe it or not, and she always ends up finding me a cheaper flight than when I do a search online.

While your on vacation the following will help reduce your costs as well:

Eat lunch at home.
Pack lunch to eat at the park.
Pack drinks so that you do not need to buy them while out and about.
Bring your on towels, sunscreen and beachwear instead of buying new.
Walk a few blocks to save money on parking.
Rent a house or Condo, an be cheaper than a hotel.
Stay at a hotel that has a continental breakfast.
Drink water with meals out instead of soda.
Use coupon booklets.

There are many more ways to save while on vacation and you can find great tips by doing a Google search for “frugal travel tips”.

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